How do I Edit my ad?

To Edit your existing ad you will need to be logged into your account. You can click on the [My Dashboard] link at the top right of page or you can click on “Manage Ads” on the right next to Corvette Categories on home page.

If you have an ad or ads you will see them listed on your Dashboard page. Next to your ad will be links and icons to perform various action.


Use the icons / links next to your ad under Options. Icons explained below.

Feature your ad – This will feature your ad on the slider at top of home page and top of chosen category.

Bump you ad – This will move your ad to top of category list until someone places another ad in that category or bumps their ad after you.

 Click pencil icon to Edit your ad.

Delete you ad. Once it’s gone there is no getting it back.

Pause – This will temporarily pause your ad from running.

You can ‘Mark Sold‘ or “Pending‘ which will show on your ad.

Extend Ad” will extend the running time of your ad using the original package you chose when you placed your ad with the original costs. This link will only show if your ad is about to expire.

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